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29 Oct 2020

Michał Grela and Krzysztof Karolczak discuss how operational excellence is being disrupted by technology during times of pandemic uncertainty.

17 Sep 2020

As a renowned CIO, Mike achieved outstanding results through skills in leadership and the ability to create cohesive teams which deliver above expectations. In this...

03 Aug 2020

In this episode Michał asks Steve Watson a few questions and dig deeper into the topic of how technology can be leveraged to reduce businesses...

09 Jun 2020

Together with Daria Dubinina, we discuss how businesses could use facilitation in creating financial products, and how leverage current market opportunities.

Preparing an IT project transition plan is a tough nut to crack. Outlining this process is crucial from the delivery perspective and it has to be...

05 Jun 2020

In this episode of IT Leadership Insights by Future Processing Michał Grela and Lauren Duthie are going to talk about sourcing during the corona crisis.

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