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08 Jul 2021

I think we all agree that in terms of tech hubs, Switzerland has this cozy place in our minds as a go-to place, but have you ever...

05 Jul 2021

The rapid acceleration of fintech industry in the past years, especially caused by the pandemics, has influenced lifes of many people worldwide – also when it comes to the financial aspects. But there are...

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28 Jan 2021

Technology is already broadly used to help cities and businesses develop sustainable mobility solutions. But smart mobility is about more than just bringing people to...

15 Jan 2021

Do we take advantage of the data we collect at our organization? Do we know what potential it provides? Let’s see how to make the...

17 Dec 2020

The pace of world change is rapid, and technology only increases these processes. Luckily, it’s not a bad news.

08 Dec 2020

In this conversation we’ll seek to highlight and demonstrate cutting edge AI tech that already disrupts the FinTech scene.

26 Nov 2020

Geronimo calls himself a Digital Optimist. We discuss why it’s important to make the most of the positive aspect the technology brings to the table,...

29 Oct 2020

Michał Grela and Krzysztof Karolczak discuss how operational excellence is being disrupted by technology during times of pandemic uncertainty.