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07 Apr 2021

In 2020 doing business became very difficult and unpredictable all around the globe. The pandemic was unexpected and none of us was truly prepared for it.  ...

01 Mar 2021

No doubt we are witnesses to a huge industry disruption which is caused by the digital transformation. It affects not only the IT world, but a lot of innovative industries,...

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05 Jun 2020

In this episode of IT Leadership Insights by Future Processing Michał Grela and Lauren Duthie are going to talk about sourcing during the corona crisis.

03 Aug 2020

In this episode Michał asks Steve Watson a few questions and dig deeper into the topic of how technology can be leveraged to reduce businesses...

04 Nov 2019

In this episode, Michal Grela talks with Karolina Trzcionka and Paweł Pukocz, experienced delivery and project managers. They cover aspects such as overview, tips and...

27 May 2020

In this episode of IT Leadership Insights Julien Cousineau, CTO at Flinks, shares his thoughts on what open banking is all about, what are the...

04 May 2020

In this episode of IT Leadership Insights, our host and guest talk about the struggles behind building software in the insurance industry.

19 Apr 2020

In this final episode of our miniseries on digital transformation, Janne Marie Van Vlastuin and Jarosław Granat discuss what comes after a digital transformation project...