Is culture a thing during time of a crisis?

Build your company culture on solid fundamentals and assure stability that withstands crisis.


28 May 2020


1:00 GMT+1

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It’s been almost 2 months since most countries introduced the lockdown. The world went from panic to acceptation, and business is now almost used to ‘the new normal’. No one knows for how long current situation will continue. It is probably a mistake to assume that everything is going to be just as it used to be in previous months.

In this webinar we’ll talk about influence of cultural aspects on IT operations maintenance as well as share tips on building market competitiveness in this aspect.

Culture is one of the most important pillars of the company organisation. Openness, trust, good atmosphere, team spirit are at heart of a positive work environment. Thanks to that, we are together when we succeed, and together when we face obstacles.

But what happens if an unpredictable, external event occurs?

What is the impact of culture in switching to remote-first within 24 hours? Is there any difference between the way we behave while working at the office and from home?

Do we maintain full integrity, do we trust each other in the way we used to do? Do we work efficiently from home?

We invite you to listen to our discussion and we hope it will help you build your company culture on solid fundamentals. The ones that assure stability even in the time of crisis.

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