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Product Metrics Design Workshop Berlin

ROI-first approach in product design and development.

Join our product design and development workshops, where we’ll discuss how to approach the metrics of the product to maximise business value. This event is a dedicated space for product leaders, who want to translate business strategies into product experience and outcomes with ROI in mind.



30 November 2022


Soho House Berlin





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About the event

Product teams often face challenges related to identifying key product metrics, obtaining necessary data and catching user behaviors and trends. Without a proper focus on product outcomes, it’s hard to understand if the product is moving the business forward and to what extent it impacts the bottom line – not to mention what kind of revenue it brings. 

During this meeting, we’ll share best practices, our experience and lessons learned related to ROI-driven product metrics design and development and work out how to prepare a clear product strategy answering: where, how and why. 

We would like to invite you to take part in this event. By joining us, you will get:

  • Insights on how to build product-focused metrics.
  • Real-life case studies based on delivered continuous development sprints.
  • A use case of designing metrics and building a dashboard in practice.
  • Networking opportunities with other product experts in the industry.

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Workshop facilitators

This meeting will be hosted by two experienced User Experience Designers, who will share their knowledge and experiences on designing product metrics that impact the bottom line.

Daniel Jaros
Aneta Harnasz

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