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Press roundtable: Data in, data out – how to make the most of your data in insurance?

The roundtable is an event that serves to communicate important InsurTech news from IT and business companies and share engaging industry insights from experts on software development, technology and business strategy. The roundtable will allow opinion leaders to offer and discuss their valuable viewpoints.  

The event will be structured to create conversations and connect delegates to storytellers and experts.  

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7 November 2023


2 p.m. (GMT)

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About the event

The insurance industry is awash in data. From customer records to claims data to social media data, there is a vast amount of information that can be used to improve the way insurers operate. However, many insurers are still struggling to make the most of their data.

This press roundtable will discuss how data science and analytics can be used to enable digital innovation and data-driven decision making in insurance.

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Event Speakers

Speakers involved in this roundtable have great expertise in the tech and business industries and will share their knowledge and experiences. 

Ian Thomas
Krzysztof Nykiel
Artur Niemczewski


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Ewa Banaś

Ewa Banaś

Marketing Manager - Insurance at Future Processing

Anna Mleczko

Anna Mleczko

Relationship Manager at Future Processing

Paul Blowers

Paul Blowers

Commercial Director at Future Processing