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AI in Team Productivity: The Future is Now

Join us on January 25th for the online panel discussion and learn how AI can be used to automate tasks, enhance communication, and keep your team updated with the latest information.

Online press roundtable


January 25th, 2024, Thursday


2 pm EST

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Key Takeaways

About the panel discussion

  • Discover how AI can help you to automate repetitive tasks and free up your team’s time for more strategic work
  • Learn how to use AI to improve team communication and collaboration (selected tools demonstration)
  • Gain insights into how AI can help you to keep your team updated with the latest trends and developments
  • Explore the future of AI in the workplace and its impact on team productivity

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Discussion panelists

Explore AI’s impact on team productivity in our online panel discussion with three experts, discovering automation, communication tools, trend updates, and the future workplace landscape.

Arek Skuza
Alison Connelly-Flores, PA-C, MPAS
Karolis Matulis, CPA, CITP, CVA


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