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26 Jul 2021

B2B marketing is a tough nut to crack, especially during the pandemics where we all had to change our ways of work to certain extent.

08 Jul 2021

I think we all agree that in terms of tech hubs, Switzerland has this cozy place in our minds as a go-to place, but have you ever...

05 Jul 2021

The rapid acceleration of fintech industry in the past years, especially caused by the pandemics, has influenced lives of many people worldwide – also when it comes to the financial aspects. But there are...

01 Jul 2021

Delivering digital due diligence and digital transformation programmes backed by PE is a tough nut to crack. Let’s see how to tackle it!

29 Jun 2021

The technology side and the human part are the most important aspects of today’s telehealth, essential to bring the necessary effects and provide healthcare to...

Die Mobilität wird sich in den nächsten 20 Jahren radikal verändern.

The story of a complex transportation system made for our customer.

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